How is BP still in business?

Deepwater Horizon (A)

For a blockbuster, Deepwater Horizon feels more like an indie film.  Like Hell or Highwater, a great cast, fantastic action that is not over the top, and real life scenarios put you in the moment of the hell that those workers went through on that deep-sea oil rig.

Mike (Mark Wahlberg) is heading away for a few weeks to work on the deep-sea oil rig, the Deepwater Horizon.  As the movie opens we get a brief but simple explanation on what could go wrong on that rig and when it does you are not left wondering, ” but I don’t get it.”  Mr. Jimmy (Kurt Russell) is the head of the rig and along with rig driver Andrea (Gina Rodriguez), these 3 characters will take us on a terrifying moment in just under two hours.

Under two hours!  Yes the movie is that short and does not drag us though over action sequences or unnecessary dialogue.  Upon seeing the trailer, I thought that unnecessary dialogue might happen with Wahlberg and his wife Felicia (Kate Hudson).  Thankfully it does not and the movie keeps a good pace.

Quickly we are put into the events of that day.  From the arrival of the crew on the rig and upon landing, seeing how shoddy British Petroleum was running operations to save and make money after being behind schedule, right away you know that like most of us at our jobs, we are put at times under pressure to just “get it done.”  Out at see though, this was dangerous.  Not just for humans but as we saw all over the news, the animals of this planet.  BP chief, Donald Vidrine (John Malkovich) and a few of his BP cronies are hanging out in the pumping station.  Mr Jimmy wants to make sure that any and all tests are run before just moving ahead with the oil drilling.  After readings on sensors give off false positives and Mr. Jimmy off to attend another issue, BP run another test to show that the false positive is just an anomaly and that everything is ok.  After that test is run though, the trouble really begins.

Within minutes the well has filled and over pressurized causing oil and mud to explode throughout the rig.  Other events that are occurring during all this then lead to what we all ended up seeing the next morning.   A giant fireball on the sea, with smoke rising a mile high, where oil would continue to burn for days on end.  As the rig quickly burns away, the crew of over 150 make their way off the rig and onto rescue boats.  Sadly 10 people were unable to make it out alive.

Deepwater Horizon takes a story where for a lot of the time at least in the press was focused mainly on BP and its many failures.  While some of them are shown here, time is not wasted on just trashing BP.  It shows how as a team, on these massive rigs, mean and women worked together to get themselves off safely and return home.  Some never had a chance to survive, just because of where they were when the rig exploded.  The main characters’ journeys are the focus.  The movie flies by and that is a good thing, not because it allowed me to get back and finish Luke Cage, which I did, but because it showed me at least, how quickly everything can go bad.  One of this year’s best, go see it.



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