Jaws it’s not :(



Yes, I know.  This movie was never going to be JAWS but it at least could have been entertaining and it wasn’t.

Short review….So I downloaded this a few days ago and decided to watch it yesterday.  I got through the first ten minutes but then I was distracted by everything else in the world.  So I did what I shouldnt do and clicked in 5-10 intervals on the time bar to see if anything interesting was happening in the movie.  Sadly there wasn’t.  Girl gets her leg bitten into by shark and climbs onto a rock.  The shark with an agenda, circles the rock the entire time because there must be no other place to get food.  She checks out her modern surf watch which we can see but then the director decides to put a graphic up on the screen od said watch then telling us what the time meant.  How much longer until low tide.  Well low tide did not work so now the girl has to swim to a buoy to evade the high tide and the shark.  So I skip along more as she has already sewn up her wound (not even close to believable) and she finally is going to make a break for it.  In the mean time she has discovered an obstable, on the ocean floor that she will use as an obstacle which she does and it conveniently kills the shark in the process, similar in the way you kill a zombie in The Walking Dead.  She goes ashore and now its present day with her awesome looking shark bite scar and her on the beach again looking out on the water.  The final scene leaves you left wondering will she go back in…..well duh she brought all here gear again, so if she was unsure I doubt she would have gone all that way for all that trouble.



P.S.  starring Blake Lively


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