Recently Released Review -The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys   A-

So sadly while In Paris, I never got around to see this movie and I always said once it was released I will watch it because everyone has great things to say about it.

They weren’t kidding.  From the 70’s era opening logos and music, you are immediately transported bag to that time of flared suits, greasy long hair and creepy mustaches that we use as the joke today, “porno stache.”

So long and short of it is, Porno actress is killed, her grandma thinks she is still alive so private detective Holland March (Ryan Gosling) is asked to look for her and is investigation leads him to the name Amelia.  At the same time, Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) is hired b Amelia to intimidate March into stop looking for her.  After Healy beats up March in their first encounter Healy has come to realize that one, he forgets how awesome yoohoo is and two, after his encounter with the man with the blue face (which Healy gave) and his henchman, that March is a man he will need to help Amelia.

Tagging along, sometimes unknowingly to her father is March’s daughter, Holly (Angourie Rice).  When she isn’t being her father’s designated driver and hanging around the ruins of her old home that caught fire, she is helping with the investigation and every scene Rice is in, she pretty much steals them.  She says to her father that he is the worst detective ever but in her mind knows that when he has a sober moment he can be quite brilliant.

So, our heroes of course, find Amelia but she is clever at getting away from our clumsy detectives.  Her mother, Kim Basinger, is head of the justice department and is trying to keep her disappearance under wraps and hires March and Healy to find her and bring her home safely.  She knows her daughter has been involved in the porn industry and other groups that she feels will ruin her daughter’s life.

With all this said, any more will give away the movie, so listen.  The comedy is on point.  Shane Black has written and directed this fine film.  He captures the feel of the 70’s.  The violence while real still brings with it some humor.  The twist while not grand is interesting and brings for a fun and all so true ending regarding corporate and government systems here in America.

So go rent or download on your preferred service and enjoy a laugh with friends, a lover, family or just yourself.  You will all be laughing.



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