Discovered on Netflix – Elstree 1976

Elstree 1976 – B

If you love Star Wars like I do, you are always looking to find out more behind the scenes scoops, even if they are from the prequel era.

Well, look no further than here.  Elstree is not a fully loaded behind the scenes, all secret telling documentary.  It is a brilliant little film that focuses on the small role bit actors and some extras.  It tells views from a handful of the most recognizable nonstars and one big star that was hidden from us because his voice was not used and the voice that was is forever etched into our memories.

Greedo, Darth Vader, Bigs, Stormtroopers, and more had actors that like many in the Star Wars universe come out of nowhere to help shape and bring to life the movie that changed movies.  From their backgrounds into the acting world and where it took them to present day, it gives a glimpse that this world gave and took.

I will say again.  If you are looking for “scoops” look elsewhere.  This film gives you a small glimpse into how life could be as a working actor or extra and if your film hits the big time what the fandom can bring about in your life.

I wish I could have donned a bucket on my head for a few days in that hot summer of ’76.



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