Narcos season 2 review

Narcos Season 2 B+

So this will be quick and short….ike if i just snorted a hand full of that pure Colombian cocaine. I kid, I do not do drugs, well except binge shows.

So for those who have already seen season 1 you will know that many thought the Escobar story could be told in one season and then the next season move on to another cartel.  While I agree for tv purposes that could have been done, I am ok with two seasons worth of Pablo.  If you really look into the history and see the many atrocious things this man did, then you are ok with two seasons even if at times in each season the pacing got bogged down.

So we start where we left off.  Pablo has just escaped his luxury resort jail and immediately shows his power over the local army.  He then returns to his jungle hidden home to his wife, children, and annoying mom.  Pablo wants to control everything again and finding it more difficult than he thought it would be.  Now he has to have his henchmen try to run the city while dealing with the side cartels that have popped up into business since his incarceration.  Also the other cartels around the country now want to put him out of commission.

Steve and Javier are back as well.  Steve isn’t having the best of times as his wife and child have left him for the safety of America now that Pablo is free.  Javi on the other hand is beginning to lose his faith in the system and goes against the book with some sketchy people to help get results.  The new bosses from the DEA and now the CIA are once again are in form and not working together but for each owns interests.  The Colombian national police is being murdered at every turn and the President has to figure out just who the hell he can trust because Pablo is either manipulating officials or the USA is.

As last season, the acting is spot on.  Wagner Moura may be Brazilian but he played a Escobar to a T.  The cinematography is beautiful.  Shooting in the actual country where all this actually happened makes you feel the authenticity of the show because it is not some built up set made to look like a slum of Colombia.  The story and writing are tight.  Ten episodes are all you need at times.  I grew up with serialized dramas and comedy tv shows.  Some I adore and love because they were so good that 24 episodes was not a big deal.  Now with all the great programming across streaming, cable and some off cable channels, you can’t have long series, even though some are great and we crave more, less is more now.

Narcos has been extended for 2 more seasons.  They foreshadow the next cartel.  I do hope that they make that an anthology series now and do multiple cartels because South America is big on drugs, no doubt, but Europe and Asia I am sure could provide us with some really amazing stories as well and keep Narcos going for the forseeable future.


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